MARCH 2021

International Nurses’ DayFederated4Health hosted a celebration event to mark International Nurses’ Day to bring General practice Nurses (GPNs), Adult Social Care Nurses and Community Nurses together to celebrate nursing and their contribution during the pandemic as well as exploring opportunities to influence the flourishing of nursing in community setting in NCL. This is a recording of that event.Replay
Get Ahead of QOF with Video Group ClinicsVideo Group ClinicsMore info
FUNCTIONAL SKILLS WEBINARHEE Webinar on Functional Skills.
How to join the numeracy champions network
Skills for Life support
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PAEDIATRIC ALLERGY FOR PRIMARY CARE CLINICIANSFrom the monthly webinar series on behalf of the NCL CCG Children and Young People’s clinical leads in partnership with NCL Training Hub.View the recording

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WEBINAR | ARE OUR IPC HABITS ROBUST ENOUGH FOR NEW STRAINS OF COVID?A refresher and update on IPC training from the NCL Training Hub.  This Teams event covered the latest IPC guidance and ways to implement this. Also covered were the new Covid ‘variants of concern’ as well as an insider view of Outbreak management in primary care from the London Covid Response Cell. Contact Kerree Ahern


SUPPORTING UNIVERSAL 6-8 WEEKS POSTNATAL CHECKThis webinar from the London Maternity Clinical Network initiative focussed on the theme of hypertension in pregnancyComing soon
COVID19 VACCINE INFORMATION SESSIONS FOR CARE HOME AND PRACTICE STAFFInformation session about the Covid19 vaccine for care home and GP practice staff across NCL.View the recording at the Proud to Care portal
TRAINING NURSING PROGRAMME Q&A SESSIONQ+A session from the TNA nurse educator team.Contact Robert Adeusi.
PAEDIATRICS HOT TOPICSLatest in the series of regular education from NCL CCG, this Paediatric Hot Topics presented guidance to GPs for managing common paediatric conditions during Covid19.Available at the NCL Coronavirus Primary Care intranet