Haringey Frailty Integrated Care Network (HFICN)

The Haringey Frailty Integrated Care Network (HFICN) provides a service focusing on older people in the Central and West areas of Haringey.

This project works with those who are over 65 and identified as ‘moderately frail’ based on the information within their medical record. The team is made up of health care professionals and social support specialists.

The service provides an in-depth assessment with patient’s in their homes. The assessment  covers a holistic overview of the clients health, daily living and social circumstances, and is conducted by a care navigator. Any issues that are identified as part of the assessment can be discussed by the wider team including a Nurse, Pharmacist and GP, as well as the patients own GP.

 Initial actions or referrals can be processed quickly without the patient needing to attend their practice. This teams assessment and early intervention aims to keep patients as healthy and independent for as long as possible.

 The actions and outcomes of the assessment are directly updated into the patient’s medical record to ensure effective communication is taking place in the interests of best patient care.