This project is currently being run in central Haringey and provides an exercise class for patients beginning to do regular exercise. The aim is to offer an inclusive, non-threatening low-intensity exercise environment which accepts patients with the prior approval of their GP, ensuring it is medically safe for the patient to participate in exercise. It has an inclusive, supportive approach, with patients being accompanied to attend the gyms by gym staff or volunteers, where this is needed. The gyms are offered in a variety of community locations and are run as an instructed exercise class, rather than as a conventional ‘drop-in’ gym with weights and machines.

The three gym locations each run regular weekly sessions. Eligible patients have access to any of the gyms offered by the CHIN. Patients will be asked to pay a nominal amount as evidence indicates this results in greater patient commitment. Patients attend the gym in conjunction with having regular health checks at the patient’s GP Practice with a clinically trained health care assistant (HCA). The practice will monitor: hypertension, diabetes and obesity. Uptake has been excellent to date with over 80 patients having attended and around 60 attending on a regular basis.

This service is currently being piloted and will be available pan-Haringey in the future if found to be effective.