Federated4Health has a strong vision of how primary care services can be delivered in Haringey.
Operating as a Private Limited Company the organisation will plan and implement a structured vision to work diligently and collaboratively with a range of stakeholders to deliver a consistent level of primary care services and thus delivering a high level of patient care and satisfaction.

Our approach will be that of a consistent one which will meet our patient’s current and future needs. Federated4Health will nurture an environment for our staff which will allow them to develop and deliver to their full potential. In addition Federated4Health will gradually develop and deliver the number of services to meet the changing needs of the population of Haringey as well as working with patients to gain further insight and input on how they would like to see services delivered. To this end the company has prepared and researched a business plan of how it intends to achieve its objectives.


Federated4Health will be a general practice led, patient centred organisation, working collaboratively and developing closer integration with our partners across health, social and third sector partners to facilitate an enhanced delivery of high quality, innovative and responsive services across Haringey.


Patient Centred: The patient should believe in a service that has their needs at the centre of delivery. Improving patient care being central to all we do.
Local and Accessible: We should strive to deliver our services where and when our patients need the service.
Efficient and Effective: In providing high quality healthcare we should be ever mindful of outcomes and best use of public resource.
Open and Transparent: All our negotiations and work must be conducted in an environment that encourages trust and transparency.
Collaborative and Accountable: To ensure we deliver services based on the needs of our patients, we should embrace collaborative working with health, social and third sector partners and remain accountable to our patients and shareholders.


1. To deliver high quality, patient-centred services for the benefit of registered patients of Haringey practices. Promoting the consistent delivery of quality Primary Care across Haringey

1. To deliver new services that we would not be able to provide as individual practices.

2. To create a single, united and strong provider entity that is representative of local General Practice, and reflective of all areas within Haringey; that also works with our health and social care partners.

3. To support local General Practice and make it sustainable and responsive to future service redesign and funding opportunities

4. To help to deliver the current and future work, best provided by a primary care provider organisation.

5. To create an inclusive GP provider organisation that will support all member practices, and allow all patients to benefit from the full range of local services that are available.

6. To enhance organisational efficiency by utilising economies of scale; such as opportunities to recruit, invest in and share staff, premises and infrastructure.

7. To provide mechanisms for easily accessible training and educational support to practice staff and facilitate peer led support for education, training and innovation.

8. Ensure a cohesive voice of our member General Practice is heard to command Authority to negotiate with partners and commissioners

9. Resources generated through innovation and business efficiency will be reinvested in patient care